Best USB Microphone for Zoom (Reviews and Guide)

Microphones are an important aspect of any company. They enable you to communicate with clients and prospects, share ideas, cultivate connections, and close transactions.

Microphones are used to record sound. Many can be immediately linked to your computer, while others require the installation of a microphone preamp. By using a USB cable and a built-in sound card, the USB microphone connects straight to your computer or recording device.

However, not every microphone is created equal. There’s a lot of noise these days in the microphone industry as firms try to outdo one other with features that don’t always matter or function well together.

Zoom is used by many artists, podcasters, and other professionals because it allows them to capture professional-quality audio in practically any circumstance.

We’ve done the legwork so you can concentrate on growing your business rather than wasting time researching goods that won’t help you achieve your goals. Based on our testing and research into consumer reviews from verified people who have bought, used, and evaluated their products online, we will show you the best USB microphone for Zoom available today in this article.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a USB Microphone for Zoom

The ease of usage, high-quality sound, and superb noise-canceling features are the key advantages of utilising a USB mic for Zoom.

For a variety of reasons, USB microphones are suitable for Zoom meetings and webinars. When recording in a room with several people, they can provide effective noise-canceling features that separate sound.

It’s also worth noting that USB mics have one of the best digital-to-analog converters on the market, resulting in great sound quality. Lossless recording is possible thanks to the high-quality converters, which do not require any compression or processing.

The limited range of applications and connectivity concerns are the main drawbacks of utilising a USB mic for Zoom.

It’s worth noting that you can only use a USB mic with Zoom if it’s compatible with the programme. Some microphones are built expressly for use with web conferencing software, while others are compatible with Skype, FaceTime, Wirecast, and OBS.

Best USB Microphone for Zoom Reviews – 6 Top Picks

A good microphone is a terrific way to capture the sound of your instruments or voices, whether you’re recording one song or an entire album.

A fantastic microphone amplifies a fantastic voice. With over a decade of experience with USB mics, The Recording Connection can tell you why this microphone is the best option.

A microphone is an electrical signal transducer that translates sound waves. By delivering audio data across a data cable and built-in sound card, a USB Microphone produces digital recordings directly to your computer or recording device.

Despite this, purchasing a high-quality USB microphone for Zoom is tough. So we’re here to assist you in resolving your issue.

The following are the products we recommend:

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Best Overall

The Blue Yeti USB microphone is popular mic that many people have chosen for their home studio needs.

The Blue Microphones Yeti has four different recording modes, each of which can give you a different sound depending on what you’re trying to record. The “Stereo Mode” is good for recording vocals and instruments because it captures all of the elements of a room, which would make it sound like your songs were recorded in a studio.

The “Cardioid Mode” is good for recording if you want to record a single instrument or voice and not pick up all of the background noise. “Omnidirectional mode” is great for recording vocals because it captures a wide range of audio sources around the microphone and captures all the sound in the room.

“Two-way mode” is great for recording two singers into one microphone. Captures a song directly in front of and directly behind it, but does not pick up sounds from the sides or left or right of the microphone.

You can also choose from a variety of pickups, including “desktop, voice, vocals” and “acoustic instruments”, using the Blue Mic Voice software that comes with this microphone. This is the best microphone for zoom meetings. Blue VO! CE Software is another great feature of this microphone, because you can use the microphone without sound, because the recorded sound is transferred to your computer.

This microphone has many excellent features that make it look like it was designed with music recording in mind. It is more stylish and looks professional, which is always a plus for microphones.

While this microphone is more expensive than most, you pay for a quality design and something that looks at home in any recording studio.


  • Solid style Professional look
  • On-board sound control:
  • The unique location allows for design


  • Sound is heard when using soft fabrics to attach the microphone to the desktop.

2. Bietrun USB microphone (best for zoom calls)

The microphone is designed with a unique heavy-duty metal standard that keeps the microphone strong and robust. He no longer needs to be relaxed or alive like other microphones as large.

The noise reduction function is also impressive. It does a good job of suppressing background noise and any kind of echo or sound that commonly occurs without a microphone. The only thing is that the metal stand does not move to adjust the microphone.

Therefore, you need to move it from the place to find the right position that suits you, which can be a real pain. It has a simple switch that lights up when activated, but no digital display to show you the default level.

So if you have a background with loud noise, it’s hard to know how much you need to lower the level to avoid feedback. Remember that when you record, you record everything in the room with this microphone, so it’s important to remember that. Fortunately, the microphone has a mute button that you can attach to your shirt for easy access when you need it. This microphone is great for live broadcasting and podcasting, where people hear your every word.

The good news is that the focus is clear and clean with no muffled or resonant sound. It’s easy to set up the microphone to pick up vocals, but no unwanted sounds, such as sounds or background sounds.

The LED ring may indicate when the microphone is on or off, which is a useful feature. This is the best cheap usb microphone for zooming.


  • Microphone with metal stand
  • The podcast and streaming microphone for zoom
  • Noise suppression


  • Get some background noise,

3. iCE USB Microphone Blue Snowball (Best Overall)

Overall, the best zoom meeting microphone is the cordless microphone. It has a clear, sharp sound and is simple to operate. The sound quality of this excellent item is what makes it so popular.

This microphone is a basic, well-made USB microphone that provides adequate sound quality for the price. It’s not the best microphone because the sound quality isn’t good enough for professional use, but its features and low price make it one of the finest USB mics for the majority of people.

On your PC or Mac, it’s the microphone for recording, streaming, podcasting, and even gaming. It has a lovely design, excellent sound quality for the price, and an adjustable stand that allows you to set it practically anyplace.

This microphone would be a wonderful choice for anyone who is new to professional sound equipment and needs a reliable USB microphone for recording vocals, instruments, or anything else.

It has a Cardioid Condenser Capsule, which means it picks up your voice well when you speak straight to it. The appearance of the microphone is sleek and shiny, with a great black mesh on the front.

It’s a fantastic all-around microphone that you can quickly pick up and start recording and streaming with.


  • When compared to competitors, the sound quality is excellent for the price.
  • USB Adapter
  • Desktop Stand with Adjustable Height


  • Not the most attractive microphone.

4. YicoGomo USB conference microphone (best for professional use)

It’s one of the best microphones on this list, it’s one of the best microphones for USB conferencing. Don’t rate this book by the cover; it looks misleading. Size doesn’t say much about the benefits it offers.

It’s a great microphone for the price you pay. It requires no software or battery, is very easy to use and has good sound quality. It has 360 degrees omnidirectional, which means you can capture sounds from any direction and also has high sensitivity.

The YicoGomo microphone is the perfect microphone for small meetings with clients or just for use on your desk if you have a few friends. It is light and small, so you can easily put it in your pocket if you want to take it mobile.

It has excellent sound clarity, good design and has a built-in high-performance smart chip, which means you can plug it in and turn it on right away. This product comes with volume control, good sound quality and no background noise.

This microphone is great for voice chats, video conferencing, webinars and online conferencing. It has an acoustic shaft designed to capture sound from all directions, so you can use it in small and large gatherings.


  • 360 ° Omnidirectional and high sensitivity
  • Unique design for meetings
  • Compatible with many operating systems


  • USB connection can be upgraded.

5. XiIVIO USB Microphone (Best Low Budget)

This microphone is one of the best-selling products on the market due to its good features and low price. This makes it easier to record voice online than with built-in computer microphones. It comes with a generally easy to understand and simple manual.

The package also includes a USB cable for using the multifunction microphone. If you are looking for a USB microphone that can amplify sound well, this may be the best choice. Ensures smooth and very good sound performance. It is also able to suppress background noise to ensure the best possible sound quality.

One of the best things about this microphone is the excellent sound clarity. The voice is rich and full, instead of flat and hum. It includes a simple plug-and-play feature, making it compatible with Windows. It also works well on Mac OS, but may require additional software.

The highest performance makes it the best choice to increase singing. It is also useful if you are looking for music, thanks to the many recording options. This microphone is probably the best product for an affordable USB microphone.

It eliminates echo and background noise to provide crisp and clear audio. It also suppresses wind noise, which is a more common problem with some USB mics. This is what gives it the edge over other models in the same price range.


  • Portable Design
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • High Definition Audio


  • It is a little bit less Versatile as compared to other USB mics.

6. USB Condenser Microphone by Mercase

This microphone’s unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern makes it excellent for voice recognition and video conferencing. Off-axis noise is rejected by the cardioid architecture, so your audio signal is easy to comprehend even in busy environments.

This microphone’s omnidirectional polar design makes it ideal for recording instruments. This pattern picks up sound evenly from all sides of the microphone, making it ideal for stereo recording of an ensemble or band.

It produces high-quality sound for any application. It has a 15dB sensitivity switch so you may record loud sources without clipping and alter the sensitivity of the microphone to accommodate quiet sources.

Most recording software, including GarageBand and Audacity, is compatible with the microphone. Because you don’t need to connect it to an external interface or preamplifier, the USB cord simplifies setup.

A sturdy metal tripod support, a desktop microphone stand, a USB cable, and a carrying pouch are included. It comes with a lifetime warranty and features a simple and beautiful design that provides exceptional recording quality and ease.


  • Ease of Use
  • Design that is easily transportable
  • Noise Isolation
  • Sound Quality is Outstanding


  • There haven’t been any yet.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best USB Microphone for Zoom

Keep in mind that not all USB microphones are created equal if you’re seeking for the most value for your money. Because not all USB mics can offer what they promise, we’ll look at some of the most critical things to consider when selecting a USB mic for Zoom in this section.

Let’s get this party started.

Select a Multi-Purpose and Versatile USB Microphone.

Not all models are equal in terms of their ability to function in various applications. If adaptability is important to you, choose a multi-purpose USB mic that can be used to capture vocals, instruments, and other sounds.

It’s also crucial to choose a model that can be simply linked with your existing recording gear or software. Some USB microphones include an inbuilt interface that produces high-quality results when using Zoom or Skype for video calls.

Choose a USB microphone with a polar pattern that is omnidirectional.

When it comes to recording live sound or multiple voices in a group, omnidirectional microphones are the best option. They can capture sounds equally from all sides, making them ideal for stereo recording of an ensemble or band.

If you wish to switch between different recording applications, a multi-pattern USB mic is appropriate. It has the ability to capture sounds from many directions, making it ideal for speech recognition and video conferencing.

Choose a durable and portable USB microphone.

If you frequently travel and do webinars or presentations, a portable microphone will come in handy. Because it will be much easier to carry around without placing strain on your arms and hands, the microphone should be lightweight and transportable.

Because you don’t want your microphone to break down in the middle of a webinar or presentation, it’s also crucial to choose one constructed of robust materials.

Choose a USB Microphone that works with Zoom.

If you want to utilise a USB microphone with Zoom, be sure the model you choose is compatible. Some microphones have a built-in plug-in, while others can be used with any recording programme.

Making a conference call on Zoom is easier with a USB microphone that is compatible with the app. During a webinar, meeting, or other Zoom call, you can modify the volume using the integrated controls.


Q: Can I use USB microphones with Zoom?

Yes, USB microphones are compatible with Zoom calls. The biggest advantage of using a USB microphone is that it does not require any drivers or complicated setup. Simply connect the mic to your computer and it will start working right away.

Q: Can USB microphones be used on a Mac?

A: The majority of USB microphones work on both Mac and Windows PCs. It’s worth noting, though, that certain versions are only compatible with Windows PCs, while others can only be utilised with Mac computers. As a result, before purchasing a USB microphone, make sure it will function with your computer.

Q: What is the best way to attach a USB microphone to Zoom?

A: To connect a USB mic to Zoom, plug it into a USB port on your computer. The Zoom software will recognise the mic automatically, and it should be ready to use in a matter of seconds.

Q: Does having a good microphone on Zoom make a difference?

A: A good microphone does make a difference on Zoom, since it aids in improving speech clarity and quality. A USB mic is better for Zoom calls in general since it has strong noise-canceling capabilities that isolate sound from the background.


For Zoom meetings with multiple individuals speaking at the same time, a USB mic is the ideal option. Many of us are looking for the ideal USB microphone for Zoom conference calls because it can give high-quality sound while also reducing background noise.

The best USB mics for Zoom that are compatible with Windows and Mac have been reviewed. Both USB mics made expressly for Zoom web conferencing programmes and computers that operate equally well with other software are included in the list.