Top 10 USB to HDMI Converters

This is the spot to come if you’re looking for USB To HDMI Converters. We’ll go over some of the greatest goods on the market and compare them.

We believe that everyone should be able to watch their content on an external monitor without spending a lot of money on it. That’s why we’ve decided to write this post, in which you’ll find a list of all the top items on the market right now, so you can make an informed decision

We hope that by reading our guide, you will gain a better understanding of how these converters function and the benefits they provide, allowing you to make a more informed decision when purchasing one!

The biggest advantage of purchasing a USB to HDMI converter is that you may connect your laptop or computer to an external monitor with just one connection. This is particularly useful if you want to reflect what’s on your screen so that others can see it without crowding around your laptop.

 USB to HDMI Converters

We compared the features of 10 various USB to HDMI converters from around the web to help you make a smarter purchasing decision. You may rest confident that our staff at USBcafe has thoroughly tested and reviewed each one.

If you don’t have much time, have a look at our top recommendations!

1. Zulpunur USB to HDMI Adapter – the best USB 3.0 to HDMI converter

The Zulpunur adapter cable is a good choice if you are looking for a USB 3.0 to HDMI converter. It works on any computer that supports the Windows operating system (7, 8 or 10) and is actually plugged in and playing.

Just connect it to your computer’s USB port and HDMI input to your TV or monitor and you’re ready to go!

The Zulpunur adapter cable supports 1080p resolution and provides crystal clear picture and sound. It also provides a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. This device is designed to connect to a laptop via USB 3.0 / 2.0 to send a 1080P Full HD signal to devices connected via HDMI, such as a projector or display. As a result, expand the multimedia capabilities of your PC / laptop to a larger screen.


  • Supports 1080p resolution
  • Crystal clear picture and sound
  • Mirror and expand mode


  • Chromebooks are not supported


The Zulpunur USB to HDMI converter is an excellent option for individuals seeking specific characteristics such as 1080p quality at a low price!

2. StarTech USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter

Another good choice is the StarTech USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter. This option is similar to our first choice, although it offers slightly better performance and higher resolution. It also connects to a computer with an HDMI display via a USB 3.0 port.

This device supports resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 at 24 Hz, 3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz, 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz and 1920 x 1080 at 120 Hz.

It also supports HDCP, so you can be sure that your data is safe. In addition, this adapter can mirror or widen your screen and is compatible with all Windows operating systems.

This small, sleek and compact adapter connects your monitor or projector to a type A USB port on your computer.

It gives you the flexibility to add an external graphics card for the best graphics display in games and other graphics-intensive programs.


  • Supports multiple resolutions and HDCP
  • Small and compact
  • Mirror and expand mode


  • Very expensive than the other adapters in this article


The StarTech USB 3.0 to HDMI Adapter is a great choice for you if you need a higher resolution and don’t mind paying too little!

3. Best USB C to HDMI Converter: UGREEN USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter

This UGREEN USB C to HDMI adapter is a great choice if you need a USB C to HDMI converter.

This device makes it simple to connect your computer to a monitor, television, or projector. The nicest part is that it supports ultra-high-definition video in 4K!

This adapter can handle resolutions of up to 4096 x 2160p at 24Hz and 3840 x 2160p at 30Hz. A mini–Display Port cable is also included.

This adapter also allows you to connect your phone or laptop to a monitor for presentations, video streaming, or photo slide shows with family and friends.

It comes with a 100mm cable, which is long enough to connect to most monitors. Most VESA mounts are also compatible with it.

This USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter connects any device with a female USB Type C port to an HDMI display, such as a monitor, TV, or projector.

Unlike many other adapters on the market, this one has gold-plated connectors on both ends, providing higher signal quality and endurance.

The scratch- and fray-resistant nylon braided cable provides flexibility and durability throughout travel and daily use.


  • Supports Connectors with a 4K gold plating
  • Braided nylon cable
  • Signal transmission is improved.


  • A little pricey


For MacBook Pro, Chromebook Pixel 2015, Dell XPS 13/15, and other USB-C devices, this is the best USB Type-C to HDMI converter.

This is the best USB-C to HDMI adapter if you want a long-lasting adaptor.

4. USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI ABLEWE

This graphic cable converter is a must-have for everyone who travels with more than just their data on their computer or laptop. A male USB 3.0 or 2.0 to HDMI female converter that allows you to display your photos and videos on your TV in up to 1920x1080P resolution, making it the perfect TV companion.

Through an available USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port with an HDMI output, you can connect your new PC, Laptop, Ultrabook, or tablet to an HDTV, video projector, or HDMI TV.

The drivers will immediately install when you plug the device in for the first time, and you will be able to output HD content without difficulty.

This cable is great for home entertainment centres, presentations, photo slide displays, and a variety of other applications. You can use it to run digital audio signals for smooth video and audio quality because it has a wide frequency response from DC to 225MHz.

This composite cable complies with HDCP standards, ensuring the greatest possible visual quality.


  • 1080p video output is supported.
  • Wide frequency response, fully HDCP compliant


  • It’s a little heavy.


For those who require a graphic cable for their HDTVs, this USB 3.0 to HDMI connection is highly recommended.

This cable lets you mirror and extend your screen onto an HDTV or projector while also providing high-definition audio and video. As a result, you can watch your favourite videos, games, TV episodes, and movies on a much larger screen.

5. Laola Converter by Schuster

The USB-HDMI is a compact but powerful USB to HDMI converter that lets you connect an HDMI display to a laptop, PC, or any other USB-enabled device.

It has a built-in driver for simple installation and is entirely Plug & Play, requiring no additional power supply, so setup takes only seconds.

You can use this adapter to mirror or extend your desktop to connect to an additional display, construct multi-monitor workstations, or even play games on the big screen.

The product also supports high-bandwidth (5 Gbps) and is backward compatible with USB 2.0, allowing you to connect numerous monitors with extra adapters, removing all of the spaghetti wires used to connect monitors to the laptop.

This Schuster USB to HDMI converter is ideal for usage at home, in the office, or in the classroom.

The issue we had with this adapter was that it was incompatible with Mac, Linux, and Vista. You’re good to go if you’re a Windows user.

Everything is made simple and straightforward with this adaptor. The setup was quite simple; it took about 30 seconds or less to have everything up and running. After that, all you had to do was plug it in and it was ready to use!


  • It’s simple to use, plug in, and play.
  • Supports high-bandwidth connections (5 Gbps)
  • Makes it possible to set up a multi-monitor workstation.
  • Compatible with Windows 10


  • The Mac and Linux operating systems are not supported.


If you’re searching for a simple plug-and-play solution, this USB-HDMI adapter is a great option.

It performs precisely what it claims and is ideal for usage in the office or at home.

6. USB 3.0 to Dual DisplayPort Adapter from StarTech

This USB to Multiple HDMI DisplayPort Graphics Adapter adds dual monitors to your desktop, laptop, or workstation computer without the need for an extra power supply, using existing USB 3.0 connections.

This converter makes it simple to connect up to two Full HD (1920×1080) or one Ultra HD (3840×2160) displays.

The adapter uses DisplayLink DL-3100 technology for smooth performance and flawless video playing, as well as additional features such as cable length correction (CLC). It’s also suitable for day-to-day use because of its plug-and-play simplicity and extended display identification for multi-monitor environments.

This adapter may be readily installed by simply connecting it in using a USB 3.0 connection, and it does not require any complicated setup, programming, or software.

It can handle resolutions of up to 4K/60Hz. It includes USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connections and is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP operating systems.

This plug-and-play solution makes it simple to add strong dual-display capabilities to your computer, allowing for increased productivity and multimedia applications.


  • Simple to use
  • Supports 4K/60Hz resolutions.
  • Makes it possible to set up a multi-monitor workstation.
  • Compatible with Windows 10


  • Expensive


If you want to add two more displays to your computer, this USB to Dual DisplayPort Graphics Adapter is an excellent option.

7. USB to HDMI Adapter Cable by Bukeer

For consistent use, the Bukeer USB to HDMI Adapter Cable is built of high-quality, durable material. This cable does not require any additional audio or HDMI cables to function, nor does it require any additional power. The simplest method is to link the output of one display to the input of another without signal loss. Video resolutions up to 1080P Full HD are supported.

This Bukeer USB to HDMI converter converts your existing digital audio or video signal from your laptop or desktop computer into an HDMI signal compatible with most computer monitors, TVs, LCD/LED/Plasma displays with HDMI input.

It also supports multi-channel surround sound, making it ideal for game consoles that want to show true HD video and sounds on your TV.


  • Compatible with Mac OS X High Sierra High-Definition Video
  • Simple to Use
  • Miniature Size


  • You can’t use it as an HDMI to USB converter.


This Bukeer USB to HDMI converter makes it simple to mirror your device’s screen to another monitor. This USB to HDMI cable is one of our favourites because it is inexpensive, small, and well-made.

8. The Battony USB C to HDMI Converter 

The USB C to HDMI Adapter is a versatile multiport adapter that lets you mirror your MacBook screen to any HDMI-compatible display. It allows you to charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air while giving a presentation and smoothly sync data between devices thanks to the USB C port and USD 3.0 charging port.

For excellent compatibility with HDMI 2.0 display devices, it offers resolutions up to 4K at 30Hz and 1080p at 60/120hz.

It has a sleek and small design that makes it lightweight and convenient to transport.

It’s a USB-C to HDMI adapter featuring a USB3.0 hub and a power delivery connector that can convert your computer’s USB-C port to HDMI 4K video signal output (up to UHD 3840 x 2160).

It’s the only HDMI to USB C adapter on our list with three connections, but it’s also the most versatile.


  • Supports 4K HDMI video output at a very low cost
  • It has a Type-C charging port.
  • USB 3.0 is 10 times quicker than USB 2.0.
  • Almost all gadgets are compatible with it.


  • Not a lot.


If you’re seeking for the best USB C to HDMI adapter, this is the one you should get. For additional multiport accessories, take a look at our list.

9. StarTech USB 3.0 to HDMI and VGA Adapter is a two-in-one 

This adapter makes it simple to connect additional displays to your computer that supports HDMI and VGA. This USB 3.0 video converter is a cost-effective way to add two more monitors to your computer, making it great for extending split-screen productivity or multitasking.

Using a single USB 3.0 connection, this USB video converter allows you to extend your computer’s desktop to up to two extra screens. It works with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, and allows you to extend your current desktop to two external screens at the same time for more workspace and presentation options.

It comes with two analogue connectors: HDMI A Female and VGA Female, allowing it to work with a wide range of displays, including projectors and home theatre systems.

This USB 3.0 video adapter makes it simple to connect your laptop to an HDMI @ 4K 30Hz (38402160) feed. It’s meant to provide you more viewing options with up to 4K quality on a single screen or two 1080p monitors.


  • USB to VGA Adapter connector supports HDMI 4K 30HZz
  • Design that is easily transportable
  • Multiport Adapter for Dual Monitors


  • It’s pricey (but well worth it!)


If you wish to extend the display on your computer and have a reasonable price, we strongly advise you to purchase this USB C to HDMI and VGA adaptor.

10. Wonlyus USB to HDMI and VGA Adapter 

It’s the simplest method to connect an external display or projector to your laptop, notebook, or netbook with the Wonlyus USB to HDMI VGA Adapter for Windows 10/8/7.

The Wonlyus USB to HDMI and VGA Adapter is a convenient and cost-effective way to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. This gadget allows you to connect to devices that require several inputs, such as your PC or laptop.

The Wonlyus USB 3.0 to HDMI and VGA Adapter comes with a lot of features, including 5 Gbps SuperSpeed and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 connections. It also supports an external display with a resolution of up to 1920X1200 (1080p Full-HD) and excellent quality.

It’s the quickest and most dependable USB to HDMI converter available. It’s made of high-quality materials, so it’ll last a long time and provide a lot of usefulness without the need for manual changes.


  • Compatible with Thunderbolt 3
  • 5 Gbps (Gigabits per second)
  • Multiport Adapter with 2 Ports
  • Portable and long-lasting


  • MAC and Windows 10 Pro are not supported.


We propose the Wonlyus Adapter if you need a multiport adapter with USB to HDMI and VGA connectors.

Buying Guide for USB to HDMI Converters

The following ideas will assist you in learning more about USB 2.0 to HDMI converters so that you can get the best solution for your needs.

Despite the fact that these goods are labelled as USB 2.0, they can also be used with USB 3.0 connections. All of these converters will work with any computer, whether it be a laptop or a desktop.

Cable and adapter mounting hardware are the most common types of mounting hardware. You can use either one because they both perform the same thing.

Multiple ports: Some devices include multiple ports, such as HDMI, memory card slots, and 3.5mm audio connectors. They do, however, work in the same way, so you won’t have any issues.

If you choose the cable option instead of the adapter as the mounting hardware, make sure the cable length is correct. Despite the fact that these gadgets have a short wire, you should keep this in mind.

Before purchasing a product from Amazon, it is recommended that you read some real-life reviews on the product’s page.


Q. Can USB to HDMI converters be used?

They do, in fact. However, it may not operate effectively when connecting devices that require a lot of bandwidth, such as a 3D TV or a Blu-ray player (especially the 4K version).

Q. Is there any software required to use USB to HDMI?

No, the USB C HDMI converter does not require any software. However, if your PC doesn’t support some of the adapters, you’ll need to install drivers.

Q. Is it possible to convert USB 2.0 to HDMI?

A. Yes, some adapters support USB 2.0, but not all of them do, as the majority of them are only designed to work with USB 3.0 and USB-C devices.

Q. Can they be used with mobile phones?

A. No way! You can’t use your phone with these devices since there’s no way to connect it using these cords or adapters.

Is it possible to connect numerous monitors?

A. No way! Multiple HDMI ports are not available on these devices, making it impossible to connect more than one monitor. You can connect numerous external displays to your USB 2.0 to HDMI converter if it has multiple HDMI connectors.

Q. Do they have 4K 60Hz support?

A. Because you’re utilising a USB 2.0 port to broadcast the connection to the external monitor, most products don’t support 4K. Some of them, on the other hand, can easily accommodate 4K 30Hz.

Q. Can I use these gadgets to connect my MacBook to an external monitor?

A. There is no USB-A port on today’s MacBooks. If you have an older MacBook with a USB-A port, however, you can use one of these devices to connect an external display to your MacBook.

Q. Is there any kind of guarantee?

A. The majority of them do not come with a warranty. It is, nevertheless, recommended that you examine the return policy before making a purchase.


Using a USB to HDMI adapter to extend your computer’s display is a great way to keep things tidy. It also makes managing content on the screen easier by allowing you to resize multiple applications at the same time.

It’s critical to select compatible adapters and cords because not all of them will function with smartphones, tablets, or digital cameras. Before you buy a USB to HDMI converter, be sure it’s well-made and compatible with the devices you already own.

It’s now up to you to choose one of the top ten finest USB to HDMI adapters of 2021. We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with the help of our list!